Sustainability and environmental care

Owen River Lodge is absolutely committed to looking after our environment, our people and our community … and not just because our livelihood depends on it.

Caring about things—other people’s happiness, getting all the details right, helping to make anglers’ dreams come true—is at the heart of everything we do. We don’t believe it’s possible for anyone to talk about caring for guests if at the same time they’re trashing the environment, ill-treating their staff and ignoring their neighbours.

Industry world wide is rife with “greenwashing” when it comes to sustainability. Owen River Lodge doesn’t do that. We’ve been quietly implementing strategies to reduce the lodge’s environmental footprint for well over a decade and we wholeheartedly support the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

We work hard to maintain our eco-credentials without compromising our luxury offering. That’s why we hold a Gold Sustainable Tourism Business award from New Zealand accreditation agency, Qualmark—its highest recognition.

This award is based on a stringent assessment of economic performance, social responsibility, community engagement, environmental care, and the health, safety and wellbeing of staff.

Owen River Lodge- the first fishing lodge in the world to gain B Corp certification!

B Corp certification is an internationally-recognised accreditation that measures a company’s social and environmental performance - it is a nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

We are delighted to announce that after many months of work and development, in March 2022, Owen River lodge became the first accommodation provider in New Zealand & Australia to be certified as a B Corp.

This also means we are the first fishing lodge in the world to gain B Corp certification. You can read about our journey beyond BCorp here:

ORL - One better than Carbon Neutral

Its official, as of 2nd August 2021, Owen River lodge is not Carbon Neutral– we have gone one better and are certified as Carbon Positive!

In a nut shell this means, with the help of EKOS after we measured our Carbon footprint, we’ve reviewed where we could lower our Carbon use and have then offset our Carbon emissions by 120 %.

The certified carbon credits we used are sourced from Ekos’ supply chain of restorative carbon forest projects that grow and protect forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. These projects help to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.

The carbon credits we decided on are local – there just around the corner in Golden Bay, as part of the Kānuka Uruwhena Native Regeneration project.

1. Reducing our environmental impact

As an organisation and a member of the community, we encourage team members at Owen River Lodge to play an active part in our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

This ranges from turning off lights and electrical equipment when they’re not needed or when we leave a room, to monitoring and tracking our energy usage so we can identify ways to reduce our consumption.

The fundamentals

    • Planting more New Zealand native trees and shrubs. For every booking we receive, we commit to planting a New Zealand native shrub, flax or tree. These will be planted in and around the lodge grounds, creek and river banks and our neighboring wet land.
    • Water supply: The lodge is not connected to a mains supply. We harvest rainwater from the main building roof and supplement this with water from a spring on the property. All water is filtered and treated through a series of non-chemical processes, including a UV system.
    • Furthermore, in an effort to cut down on carbon miles and reduce reliance on single-use glass, we’ve elected to produce our own sparkling mineral water. We pump it out of the ground, filter it through the systems mentioned above, carbonate and refrigerate it, and serve it in reusable glass bottles.
    • Fresh produce: Garden-to-plate might be all the rage now but it’s been a fundamental element of our service to guests since 2003. The lodge’s large gardens provide a seasonal bounty of fresh vegetables, herbs, berries and other fruit, all grown on organic principles. We use any surplus to make our own jams and preserves. In 2019 we’ve also broken ground on an enormous new picking garden to supply the lodge with fresh flowers and foliage.
    • Buy Local: Our aim is to source at least 50% of our produce from local suppliers. By doing so, we support the local community and small businesses, increasing employment and reducing food miles. Premium staples including Neudorf wine, Pestell’s bacon, Moutere Grove olive oil and Trees & bees & Rainbow station honey are produced locally. Most of our fresh vegetables are grown in our own gardens and the remainder is grown in the Nelson region. Our seafood is sourced from a Nelson based fishing company Solander, who fish sustainably and in compliance with the New Zealand Quota Management System. The fruit juices in our guest rooms are from another local BCorp certified company - Chia Sisters The majority of the beer we serve is from a local Nelson company Hop Federation, which is owned by local Iwi..Our coffee is roasted in Nelson and is certified organic and Fairtrade. We grind and package the beans ourselves. Whenever possible and appropriate, we buy in bulk.
    • Minimising plastic: In 2016 we took a huge step in walking the talk of sustainability, and eliminated the use of plastic water bottles, choosing instead to supply guests with stainless steel water bottles which they can take home as a memento of their stay. We also supply goodie bags so guests can take home the bathroom amenities they use, rather than throwing them out. Partially-used soaps are collected and then, at the end of each season, passed on to a charity that re-manufactures them and distributes the soap to New Zealand & overseas based charities.
    • Recycling: All glass bottles and jars, metal cans, plastic bottles and cardboard are collected, sorted and recycled. Every guest cottage suite contains labeled recycling facilities. We have an agreement with one of our biggest suppliers to take back their cardboard packaging for re-use. All used guest amenities and soap are collected and recycled through an organization called Beyond Skin Deep who re-manufacture the used soaps and donate these to charities. The used guest amenity bottles are re-manufactured into plastic fence posts used by Kiwi farmers.
    • Waste water management: Waste water is treated through a three-stage process in an environmentally-friendly, non-chemical septic system. The water is then treated through a UV filter before being fed through an irrigation line to water some of our trees.
    • Food waste: We try and compost all organic food waste or provide it to our staff and/or neighbors so they may feed it to their chickens or pigs.
    • Electricity: 85% of New Zealand’s electricity generation is sourced from renewable energy (Wind, geothermal & hydro generation). We purchase our electricity from Meridian Energy who are New Zealand’s largest generator of 100% renewable energy

        In the lodge building and cottages

        • Design: Our guest cottages are constructed from New Zealand plantation-grown timber and recycled Oregon. Some of the windows in the lodge building and cottages are recycled; others are double-glazed to help with temperature control. All carpets are woven from 100% New Zealand-grown wool. We protect our wooden floors with natural wax coatings and use low-emission paints.
        • Heating and cooling: The lodge and cottages are heated/cooled using the very latest in split system air conditioning units. These lessen the use of electricity and are the most efficient method available for heating and cooling.
        • Hot water: We use instantaneous Natural Gas hot water systems. These consume far less energy than electric or gas storage systems.
        • Lighting: We have installed motion sensors, light dimmers and LED lighting where possible.
        • Cleaning products: All cleaning products used at the lodge are chosen for their limited use of chemicals and low environmental impact. Most are organic-based and manufactured in New Zealand.
        • Laundry: Some of our guests choose to reuse towels and have bed linen changed less often. This helps to conserve water, and uses less detergents and energy.

        In the lodge grounds

        • Jacuzzi/spa: We keep the water sparkling clean and clear with an ozone generator and UV sterilization, vastly reducing the need for chemicals.
        • Revegetation projects: Since establishing the lodge in 2003, we have planted thousands of native trees, shrubs, flaxes and grasses, and we continue to expand these gardens. As a result, you will see a variety of native birds around the lodge buildings. We have also fenced off waterways and wetland areas to keep livestock out.
        • Garden waste: We compost leaves and shred tree prunings to be used as mulch on our gardens, reducing the need to water them and suppressing weeds.

        In the community

        • Employing locals: All our staff live locally and we pay them above the living wage, rather than the minimum wage.
        • Supporting local groups: We have supported various local non-profit organisations and events, including the Nelson / Marlborough rescue helicopter service, the Murchison rugby club, the Murchison A&P Show and the school. We donate unwanted goods to local charities and the Salvation Army.
        • Casting for Recovery: In 2011, the lodge first opened its doors to Casting for Recovery, a charity offering fly fishing retreats to breast cancer survivors. We have continued to host this event as a major sponsor every year since, providing attendees with a very special luxury experience that includes accommodation and cuisine, access to all lodge amenities, and guided fishing.

        2. Managing our impact on the fishery

        Our waterways and trout fishery are a national treasure and resource, owned by the New Zealand public. We are very conscious of this and do everything we can to minimise and manage our impact on it. Although there are aspects over which we have no control, we are dedicated to ensuring the fishery remains healthy and sustainable for future generations.

        • Catch and release: By adhering to a responsible catch and release protocol, we ensure that the local fishery isn’t depleted—and that those wild browns keep getting bigger and wilier!
        • Resting key fishing spots: We don’t guide on the same stretch of water for at least five days.
        • Loan gear: Owen River Lodge stocks the largest selection of loan fishing gear in the world, offering premium brands including Simms and Sage. We take responsibility for ensuring everything is properly cleaned after use in order to prevent any contamination, and renew the gear regularly.
        • Choice of fisheries: With access to five distinct geographical regions / fisheries ( 29 rivers) within a 90-minute drive, there is no over-reliance on a single river. If adverse weather events affects the fishing in one place, we’ll use one or more of the others while the river clears.

        If you’d like more information about our sustainability policies or want to book your next luxury fly fishing experience at our accredited gold-standard, environmentally-responsible lodge, please get in touch!

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