Dec 30 2016

Owen River Lodge is truly a piece of paradise. My son, husband & I arrived a couple of days after Christmas(summertime here) and were welcomed very graciously by the owner, Felix, and his fabulous staff including the superb hostess, Kylie and the best golden retriever ever, Keeley. Chef Jo cooked an awesome 3 course dinner with accompanying wines for us and we were off to our super comfy cabin with uber comfortable beds for the evening. Early am, guys and I were up for a cooked to order breakfast by Chef Ryan and then they met their fishing guide, Pete.

Pete grew up 3min from the lodge so knows these waters inside and out. He took the guys on about a 45 min truck ride away and then they fished for giant, brown trout. They had a super successful day and loved fishing with Pete and his knowledge and expertise on the river. While the guys fished all day, I enjoyed myself by exploring the Owen River with Keeley, the golden retrevier. She took me on quite the adventure. It took me a while to navigate the rocks along the river but after finding a large walking stick, I was able to keep up and we hiked for about 2 hours along the river.

I was served a great late lunch at the lodge and then went back down by the water to some giant bean bags to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and a good book. The gardens on the property of Owen River Lodge are really unique and I filled my iPhone with beautiful pictures of the unique plants and can’t wait to frame some for some upcoming Bday and Christmas gifts. When the guys returned we had a toast and beer with Pete, the staff and met some of the other guests of the lodge. The guys showered and changed to super casual clothing and we went back to the lodge for an another awesome 3 course dinner prepared by Chef Ryan.

All of the other guests staying at the lodge were all brought to this special place by the love of fly fishing and it was really fun and interesting to meet everyone at dinner and learn their stories and experiences. We cannot wait to travel back to Owen River Lodge and fish and relax again. Thanks to Felix for such a wonderful week! Cheers!

Erin, Texas USA TripAdvisor

Dec 6 2016

I just returned from a 3-day stay at the Owen River Lodge. It was spectacular, and even a short stay easily qualifies as a trip of a lifetime. The accommodations are impeccable—comfortable, spotless, beautiful but not pretentious, and maximally suited to the stunning environmental landscape—there are covered porches outside rooms where you would be perfectly content sitting for hours because of the scenery and the sight and sound of the river.

The Owen River itself is a famous fishery and even when not guided you can try your luck at any hour of your stay. The guides relish the fishery and fiercely protect it. They sight the fish and teach you everything you are willing to learn about catching smart big fish (survivors). I have trout fished once-a-month in southern Missouri (USA) for about a decade—each of the eight fish I caught (having missed or lost twice as many because of bad technique) was bigger than any trout I have ever caught (all 4-6 lbs.; 7, 8, and 9 lb. fish were all caught by other guests during the short time I was there).

The guides across the region communicate with one another every morning such that everyone who is fishing is spread out across the numerous rivers and streams in the region. I was there on a beautiful weekend in late spring and did not see a single human on any stretch of river I fished.

Felix the proprietor and his team bend over backwards to ensure that each guest has what they need to make the most of the experience; they are PRESENT throughout the social elements of the stay (eg. meals and when you are spending time about the property on an unguided day)—they are consummate hosts, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable about the region and its recreational opportunities. When they supply whatever gear you need (no extra cost) it is the best gear on the market (waders, boots, fly rods).

If you ask them to arrange for a transport to or from the airport or another region, you will get a driver who could double as a tour guide. They manage every case of jet lag and “own” that as part of their job. Throughout your stay, the main lodge which is their own living quarters, is your living room, dining room, and reading room. Most of all, they create opportunity (if you want it) to make the most of brief intersections of lives of the 10-16 people who are staying at the lodge at any given time; this typically happens at breakfast or happy hour or dinner every evening.

I crossed paths with a physician who spent a career in outreach medicine in the wilds of Australia, a navy chaplain, a successful restaurateur, creators of businesses, a triathlete couple, and a man who willed his way through a level of rheumatoid arthritis that made doctors doubt he could walk let alone fish, let alone peruse miles of rocky river shoreline stalking trout. These are the intangibles that I will remember most and that MADE the trip, completely unexpected value-added, along with the truly stunning New Zealand scenery, and, of course….the enormous trout.

John USA TripAdvisor

Nov 24 2016

Father and daughter trip of a lifetime! My father and I arrived 8 hours after the earthquake and tsunami hit NZ. Our first day of fishing was thwarted due to the conditions, but the local farmers/ranchers stopped by with homemade scones and invited us to come and bottle feed their lambs and calves. This is the type of atmosphere one finds at OWL. Our two days of fishing (with the expert help of Pete) yielded us 8 trout between 4 - 7 lbs.

Felix and Kylie were excellent hosts! Keeley, the resident dog, was a delight. Ryan and Jo, the chefs, were amazing! spring lamb, red deer venison, duck, and angus filets… The homemade granola, shortbread cookies, and the sandwich lunches were outstanding! The house wines were 5 star. The cabins are extremely well equipped: heated towel racks, beautifully stocked mini bar, and spacious!

We are already planning our next visit to ORL. The experience was SO much more than we expected! Zero negative feedback. Outstanding lodge!
(I haven’t submitted a review in the last few years, but ORL was so exceptional that I must share!)

DesignEnthusiast, Sydney Australia TripAdvisor

Oct 31 2016

My wife and I stayed at Owen River Lodge as part of our honeymoon. It was one of the most memorable and relaxing experiences we have had. Felix and his team are so welcoming and provided anything we needed. The accommodations are very comfortable, the cabins are the perfect balance between rustic and sophisticated. Not to mention the view is incredible.

The food did not disappoint either, it is as advertised five star! The fly fishing was a blast and our guide made it an experience we will never forget. My wife and I would absolutely recommend Owen River to anyone visiting New Zealand. If we go back we will make sure to stay here again!

Room Tip: Any one of the six rooms will exceed expectations

Austin: USA TripAdvisor

Apr 25 2016

Only my second time to the lodge and I speak as someone who is absolutely hopeless with a fly rod but just love everything that is fly fishing. I’ve chased Golden’s and tuna on Hervey Bay, Bones in the Cook Islands and Browns in NZ.

For the Fly Fishers, the guides are great humans with wonderful temperament and skill set . They will put you onto fish! The gear Felix provides is first class all Sage rods and reels and Simms G3 waders and boots .

In regards the food. My best comparison is Lizard Island ( probably one of Australia’s top 3 luxury resorts ) . I would say the food at Owen River Lodge is as good if not better than Lizard .

In regards the wines that come inclusive with the tariff they are way way better than Lizard Island and any cruise line ( Silver Seas) that Ive been on. the rooms they are beautiful and clean . Again if i was to compare with Lizard Island ( pre the cyclone and rebuild ) I would say the rooms are an 8 out of 10 comparison.

Beyond that I really love the intimacy with only 6 rooms its a far, far more personable experience than i have experienced anywhere else. Felix was particularly accommodating with my quirky requests like packing a thermos of tea with real milk and a bottle of wine for each days fishing. He even trained me on closing doors ( in joke) .

My wife who is not into fishing flew in and joined us for the last night . She was so impressed that next time she will come in a day earlier and just relax around the lodge.

Chris T : Brisbane, Australia TripAdvisor

Apr 24 2016

We just returned to Owen River Lodge for our second visit and again it was a terrific experience.

Felix and his team’s hospitality is first class. Nothing is too much trouble. The rooms are very well appointed and the lodge itself is set up perfectly for guests. The food was exceptional and the wine list very well selected.
For the fly fishermen it is everything you would want and more. All the gear (rods, reels, lines, waders, boots) is top shelf & the guides are experienced pros who put you on fish as well as being great company for a day on the river. The many rivers that are accessible in the area are world class. We are far from experienced fly fishing anglers but again we landed very nice wild brown trout on this trip. I would highly recommend Owen River Lodge and will be coming back for sure.

Paul C :Brisbane, Australia TripAdvisor

Mar 25 2016

Owen River Lodge was my first opportunity to visit New Zealand, and the trip was exceptional! The accommodations were fantastic and extremely comfortable. The food was delightful, and I waited each evening with excitement to find out what delicacies were on offer for dinner.

The setting of the lodge is wonderful with “postcard picture” views available from each room. How can I forget the fishing? I can’t!! The brown trout fishing was world class, and my guide worked as hard as all the staff at the lodge to make sure my trip was a successful fishing trip.

Felix and staff pay attention to the details, and go out of their way to ensure that guests of the Owen River Lodge are taken care of. This is what makes Owen River Lodge such an exceptional trip! I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 nights and 5 days fishing, and I certainly plan on being a repeat visitor!!

J_B_Crouch Houston, Texas TripAdvisor

Mar 23 2016

This is the place - if you have ever dreamed of fly fishing in New Zealand, Owen River Lodge is it! From the moment we arrived, our host Felix made us feel like old friends. Our accommodations were superb, 5 star all the way.

Our chefs, Ryan and Jo, prepared wonderful meals every day. The fishing guides were extremely professional and knowledgable about the areas many rivers. I caught 5 to 8 lb trout every day - I cannot say enough about what a great experience this was!

SueandBlue San Diego, California TripAdvisor

Mar 20 2016

Owen River Lodge is a perfect blend of true luxury accommodations, surreal surroundings and a home base for the greatest brown trout stalking angling opportunities the planet has to offer. Felix and his superb staff seem to have thought of everything - the spacious, comfortable cabins are wonderful, the fly-fishing gear available to borrow is top-notch and in great condition, the dining is world-class and the lodge environment is very comfortable and full of laughter.

Whether you’re a family looking for a relaxing holiday or a hard-core solo fly-fisherman, Owen River Lodge will meet and exceed your needs. For anglers, Felix has built a stable of outstanding guides who can teach a novice angler or provide the most skilled anglers with any challenge they may desire and the lodge can easily access more than 20 rivers in under a 2 hour drive. I have been visiting and fishing in New Zealand since 1997 and I can truly say I’ve never had a better experience.

David G Boston, Massachusetts TripAdvisor

Feb 28 2016

We found ORL on the internet when planning a 4 week fishing trip to New Zealand from the UK and were not sure what to expect. The Lodge facilities, Felix’s welcome and the extremely high standard of guiding far exceeded our expectations. The week we had at ORL was the highlight of our whole trip and will be remembered for years to come.

The best day’s fishing was 20 trout averaging 4lbs between the two of us fishing with an extremely energetic and professional guide! Many kilometers of wet wading!!

robinbray4 Chichester, United Kingdom TripAdvisor

Feb 5 2016

Having just returned from ORL for my third season of fishing there, I can only reaffirm that this place is fabulous! Felix remains the absolute star, advising on my angling trips before reaching ORL, and entertains and informs when I get there.

The catering and facilities as ever, especially chef Ryan, make the guests feel special and pampered, particularly to soothe the aches and pains after a day out for my unfit frame . The cabins are luxurious, and quiet. The main house provides a great place to interact with fellow guests, and Felix carefully seats people to ensure everyone mixes each day with someone new.

The guides provide superb support for the fishing. The friendly rivalry each day kept me giggling all the way through. After a stellar performance last year, I was able to relax this year, with brown trout up to 6.5 lbs, and a tremendous variety of waters to fish, some new for me and some old favourites. This year my guide treated me to some amazing upstream dryfly, my lifelong passion. A real treat!

As I mentioned previously this is serious fishing. Physically and mentally demanding. There are, however, things to do on rest days, such as walking, horse riding, shopping expeditions etc, for the non-purist (not for me!)

The opportunity to heli-fish again in the back country was amazing. This is real wilderness fishing, but with the certainty of getting back for a superb dinner at the end of the day. What is there not to like?

Have tentatively booked already for next year!!!

Adrian : Warwick, United Kingdom TripAdvisor

Dec 30 2015

It’s such a treat when literally every aspect of an experience exceeds one’s expectations. Owen River Lodge is that and more.

Proprietor Felix Borenstein offers accommodations, cuisine, décor, and a setting that are richly and deeply satisfying. On top of that there’s The Fishing—why most folks come here. It is, in fact, the stuff of legends. Epic water, outstanding guides, and the fish themselves—gorgeous beasts they are. We are complete devotees after a 5-day visit. Thank you, thank you Felix for enhancing our lives so deliciously!

Steve Smith Boise, Idaho:TripAdvisor

Nov 30 2015

A truly remarkable experience. After recovering from the jet lag and recapping our trip to NZ, we were in total agreement - that our time at Owen River Lodge was hands down the BEST part of our trip.

Our only regret is not staying at ORL longer! Felix is the most gracious host, Ryan’s cuisine was out of this WORLD (best food in NZ), the accommodations were luxurious and just what we needed after the long days fishing/trekking, Aaron was an outstanding guide and our experience wouldn’t have been the same with out him. He put us in excellent positions to catch plenty of 6 lb and up browns (including a 9 1/2 lb monster). Then you have sweet Keeley dog!! She cannot be overlooked. What a joy to see her sweet face everyday. A huge thank you to Felix, from the bottom of our hearts, for being exactly who you are and for fostering what will go down as one of our most treasured memories. We are already looking at dates for our next visit and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Brent & Jaclyn Reed Houston, Texas: TripAdvisor

Nov 26 2015

Fly fishing for huge wild browns at its best !!
My advice to any passionate fly fisherman keen to hunt & catch huge brown trout in superb condition, in crystal clear beautiful rivers flowing through magnificent scenic countryside ... look no further ... treat yourself to at least a week at the Owen River Lodge and endulge yourself in excellent accommodation, fine food and wine and superb service provided by the owner Felix Borenstein and his great staff ...

After you’ve experienced Owen River Lodge, no doubt like me, you will be counting the days to your next trip !! ... It just cannot come quick enough !!

Paul; Brisbane Australia TripAdvisor

Oct 25 2015

I fly fish in New Zealand a few times a year. From Melbourne Australia it is easy to get there. Airfares are very reasonable and the flight is under 4 hours.

This year I decided to visit Owen River Lodge again. Its hard to keep away given that that Lodge is the best 5 star lodge in NZ. Five star however normally means that the establishment ticks all the required boxes to achieve its rating. With Owen River Lodge it really does go beyond the required criteria. The service here is personalised and intuitive. The atmosphere and lodge is intimate, relaxed and luxurious. The food really is deserving of major accolades. It is fresh, innovative, balanced and at times euphoric. Being a foodie I almost look forward to the cuisine as much as the tremendous fishing.

The other thing that sets ORL apart is that the owner, Felix Borenstein employs the best fishing guides in the region. These guys know their stuff. They know not only were the fish are but which rivers are best to fish at any given time. Last season various clients caught fish between 10 lb and just under 13 lb. Staggering sizes and evidence that the areas and rivers immediate to ORL really do offer the best sighted brown trout fishing in the world. I decided to visit early this year, just after season opening. Most fly fishermen prefer the warmer peak months but I can attest that early fishing is fantastic and best of all there are not many other fishermen around and the trout a little less wary. Thank you Felix for another trip that was again beyond expectations, beyond 5 starts both for the service/wonderful accommodation and the fishing. Cant wait to come back !

Max Caruso, Melbourne Australia : TripAdvisor

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