February / March 2012 Review

Well, thanks to all our fabulous guests, we had our busiest February and March ever ! Lots of guests catching lots of wild New Zealand brown trout makes for a happy lodge owner and team at Owen River Lodge. The ambiance around the dinner table was fantastic, with the sound of laughter and the reminiscing of the days adventures being shared with new friends.

The fishing in New Zealand is special, its all about sighted fishing in crystal clear, wild rivers. In an ideal world, a sunny day allows the guides to spot the fish you are about to catch, its really like hunting with a fly rod – except the fish gets to swim away !

Peter from California stayed and fished with us for the first 7 days of February. He rated 2 of his days fishing as the best 2 days fly fishing he’s ever had….Landing an 8lb New Zealand wilderness brown being a highlight !

One of the nice things about staying at a dedicated luxury fishing lodge is meeting anglers from all over the world. Stephen, a South African living in London, stayed and fished with us for 7 nights at the same time as Peter – here are a couple of his “fish porn” photos !

Occasionally, the fish are just plain hard to get to, and the only way to cast to them is to swim to a good spot (in the middle of the river). Alberto, a Spaniard living in the USA was not going to let a little swim get in his way……
Elizabeth, an American Horse Veterinarian living in Australia stayed and fly fished with us in mid February. Elizabeth caught many fine browns and a rainbow in one of our local rivers – the first rainbow caught in the Maruia in many years…..
When I developed Owen River Lodge as a luxury 5 star rated fishing lodge, I never thought of it as a honeymoon destination. However, to prove me wrong, every season we are lucky enough to have honeymooners staying & fishing with us ! Texans, John & Katie stayed and fished with us for 4 days at the end of February. Katie had never fly fished before, but in her 3 days fishing, she landed many of our wild browns – the largest weighing in at an impressive 6.5 lb !
Bruce from Pennsylvania had a sensational first days fishing with us when he stayed with us in early March, landing 8 browns & a rainbow – the largest at just under 7 lb !
Australians, Michael & Marion from Canberra had a HUGE time fishing with us, Michael caught 6 browns in his first 2 days fishing with us – all between 6 > 7.5 lb !
I am very excited to announce that Owen River Lodge is now an official Sage Dealer, one  of only 2 or 3 fishing lodges in the world that has this unique honour. So, our little lodge shop will now be able to sell the rods & reels that we provide for our guests to use whilst they stay with us. In light of this, we now have almost the complete Sage line up for our guests to use – including the new Sage One, ZXL, VXP, Flight & Z Axis – most in both 5 and 6 weight configurations. As part of our direct relationship with Sage, we have also been granted a dealership for RIO & Redington.
Remember – you are only a stranger once at Owen River Lodge.

Felix, Ryan, Lillyanne, Louise & Amber

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